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Interdisciplinary Solutions to Evolutionary Challenges in Food, Health and the Environment

Cover of special issue of Evolutionary Applications

Climate change, emerging disease, biotic invasion, and food security are principle concerns facing humankind. Far from being disparate problems, the challenges are largely biological in nature. The first step toward their long-term management and resolution is to integrate practical approaches in a common intellectual framework. Evolutionary theory provides the foundation for designing sustainable approaches.

The Heron Island Applied Evolution Summit was held in January 2010. The program committee included Scott Carroll, Mike Kinnison and Louis Bernatchez. Invitees included international experts, practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers in Food, Health, the Environment and Sustainability. Our goals are to develop eco-evolutionary modes for response to global change, cultivate the link between evolution and sustainable management, and create new partnerships for solving bio-based problems.

The research of summit attendees (plus three invitees who were unable to attend) is now featured in the special issue of Evolutionary Applications. This issue is a compilation of 16 articles addressing "Interdisciplinary Solutions to Evolutionary Challenges in Food, Health and the Environment".