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Evolutionary Conservation Biology

Carroll & Fox 2008
'The book deals with major issues that transcend taxonomic boundaries, has considerable potential to be widely used by graduate and undergraduate students, and constitutes an attractive reference for researchers interested in biodiversity conservation. As I have made evident, I hope, this book is motivational for future work.' -Excerpted from Rudolfo Dirzo, in Evolution (2009).

Conservation Biology is about much more than fighting extinction. In fact, many species that are persisting are doing so by adapting to changed circumstances. The conservation of evolving taxa differs from the approaches used in traditional static conservation models.

ICE Director Scott Carroll and Chuck Fox organized the volume 'Conservation Biology- Evolution in Action' to address this important issue. With 25 contributions from 35 authors, our goal is to integrate the two wings of Conservation Biology- one ecological, the other genetic- into their angelic union: Evolutionary Conservation Biology.

This book was published by Oxford University Press in September 2008.