Evolution Island Films and Lectures

Evolution Island: Sustainable Solutions to Global Challenges

Keynote: Sir Peter Gluckman, Liggins Institute, Auckland
Evolutionary Medicine: "Applying Evolutionary Principals to Improving Human Health"

Keynote: Thomas B. Smith, Ph.D. UCLA
Conservation: "Evolutionary Management of Ecosystems & Biodiversity"  

Keynote: Ford Denison, Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Agriculture: "Darwinian Agriculture: Past Trade-offs Present Opportunities"

Troy Day, Ph.D. Queens University
Evolutionary Medicine: "Selection for Pesticide Resistance in Agricultural Systems - Population Management of Gene Frequencies"

Margaret Mackinnon, Ph.D. Kenya Medical Research Institute
Evolutionary Medicine: "Virulence Evolution of Malaria Parasites"

Allen Rodrigo, Ph.D. NESCent.
Evolutionary Medicine: "Applied Evolution and Rapidly Evolving Pathogens" & "The US National Evolutionary Synthesis Center: Mission &... 

Scott O'Neill, Ph.D. University Queensland
Evolutionary Medicine: "Controlling Dengue with Microbial Symbionts of Mosquitoes"

Carl Bergstrom, Ph.D. Dept of Biology University of Washington
Evolutionary Medicine: "A Public Choice Framework for Controlling Transmissible and Evolving Disease"

Sharon Strauss, Ph.D. University of California, Davis
Conservation: "Introduction to Applied Evolution Environmental Biology"

Andy Sih, Ph.D. UC Davis
Conservation: "Evolution, Immediate Behavioral Responses and the Ability to Cope with Human-Induced Rapid Environmental Change"

Andrew Hendry, Ph.D. McGill University
Conservation: "An Introduction to Ecoevolutionary Dynamics"

Mike Kinnison, Ph.D. University of Maine
Conservation: "Eco-evolutionary Conservation Biology: Beyond Diversity for Diversity Sake"

Scott Carroll, Ph.D. UC Davis
Conservation: "Anthropogenic Nature: Working with Contemporary Evolution"

Rick Lankau, Ph.D. Illinois Natural History Survey
Conservation: "Improving Restoration by Capitalizing on Evolutionary changes in an Invasive Species"

George Gilchrist, Ph.D. National Science Foundation
Conservation: "Hot, Dry and Anoxic: A Natural Selection of Climate Effects on Life"

Ben Phillips, Ph.D. University of Sydney
Conservation: "Evolution and the Rate of Range-Shift in Response of Climate Change"

Andy Sheppard, Ph.D. CSIRO Entomology
Agriculture: "Evidence of Rapid Evolution from Alien Plant Invasions & Biological Control Introductions"

Mikko Heino, Ph.D. University of Bergen
Agriculture: "Can Harvesting Drive Rapid Evolution and Does it Really Matter"

Ary Hoffmann, Ph.D. University of Melbourne
Agriculture: "Two rules about pest and insect evolutionary responses to climate change"

Simon Southerton, Ph.D. CSIRO
Agriculture: "Genomics of Adaption to Climate in Eucalypt Populations"

Gary Fitt, Ph.D. CSIRO
Agriculture: "Selection for Pesticide Resistance in Agricultural Systems - Population Management of Gene Frequencies"

Robyn Russell, Ph.D. CSIRO
Agriculture: "The Evolution of the New Enzyme Function 1: Lessons from a Xenobiotic Metabolizing Bacteria"

John Oakeshott, Ph.D. CSIRO
Agriculture: "The Evolution of New Enzymes Function : Lessons from Insecticide Resident Insects"

Jeremy Burdon, Ph.D. CSIRO
Agriculture: "Fungal Evolution in Response to Plant...